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Are Your Beauty Products Safe? Find Out With Muscle Testing!

There are many great resources out today to help you be a wiser consumer.  When it comes to beauty and personal care products, you can use websites like The Environmental Working Group and Think Dirty, who rate products based on toxicity.  They are not without their flaws, though, so you still need to be able to filter the information you glean from them and make an educated decision.


Another fun and enlightening way to determine if products are safe for you is to bring them to a practitioner who does Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing.  I assure you that it will seem like voo doo the first time you experience it, but it is a wonderful tool to help you achieve optimum health.

What is Muscle Testing?


Muscle testing is a way to find out how your body responds energetically to a substance.  Everything on earth has an energy signature.  When a substance is placed in your “energy field” it will either weaken or strengthen you.  There are various techniques used, so I recommend asking around for a practitioner recommendation from someone you trust.

My Experience


Since I have a couple of friends who use muscle testing in their practices, I’ve met with them to muscle test various cosmetics with my clients.  We had tons of fun and learned a lot in the process.  We asked our clients to bring in some of the beauty products they use regularly.  We tested lip balm, hair dye, face creams, and more.  Not surprisingly, many of the products failed the test…even ones considered “natural” and purchased at a local health food store.


What I found most interesting is that you can test whether a product is safe in general as well as if a product is safe for you.  An example of this was a girl that came to the event and mentioned that she has had a problem with being allergic to eye shadows.  We tested an eye shadow and it tested strong in general, but when put against her eye lid, it weakened her.  Then we tested another shade combo by the same company that did not include the pigment that I guessed was irritating her and it tested strong.  The moral of the story is that just because a product is safe, it may not be safe for you.



If you are immune compromised or dealing with a chronic health issue, I highly encourage you to evaluate your beauty and personal care products.  It may be wise for you to work with an applied kinesiologist to determine which products are safe for you and which are putting undue stress on your body.  In our tests, Beautycounter products tested super strong on every person we tested, even the chronically ill.

Have you experienced muscle testing yourself? How did it help you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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