My Experience with the Purium 10-Day Transformation //

My Experience with the Purium 10-Day Transformation

While I was doing a Beautycounter consultation with a new friend a while back, she began telling me about how she uses Purium nutritional products in her coaching practice.  I tend to be a little bit skeptical (Ok, a lot skeptical!) of nutritional supplements after 6+ years of Lyme disease.  You don’t even want to know how many supplements, cleanses, and protocols I have tried that have promised great results and ended up being a waste of money.  Not to mention, so many supplements have added fillers and junk in them that I don’t want in my body.

Purium organic super foods //

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She explained that Purium’s products are 100% organic, GMO free, and contain ZERO synthetic ingredients and gave me some samples to try.  She also encouraged me to try the 10-Day Transformation to help with my energy levels, digestion, and detoxification.

The first sample I tried was the Gluten Free Power shake, which is basically an organic green super foods drink.  The plants are dehydrated without heat to preserve their enzyme content.  I only used half a serving and I could literally feel the energy coursing through my veins.  As a person with chronic fatigue, this was miraculous and I instantly texted her to tell her the good news.

Purium Kid's MVP //

While I sipped on my Power Shake, my kids tried the Kid’s MVP Protein shake.  I have purchased a TON of protein powders in the past and returned almost all of them because they have a yucky artificial taste.  My friend mentioned that the Kid’s MVP is the only organic pea protein manufactured in the US.  Like the Power Shake, the ingredients are dehydrated without heat.  The best part? My kids LOVED it.  I simply mixed it with cashew milk and MCT oil and it was super filling and delicious.  My daughter wanted a second serving.

Purium 10 Day Transformation //

After my initial experience, I decided I was ready to take the plunge and try the 10-Day Transformation.  I talked to a nutritionist who uses Purium in her practice about it and she advised me to not limit my calories too much since my goal was not to lose weight.  My cleanse came with a daily schedule to follow, which made it super easy.  I made sure to have my “flex foods” and “flex drinks” on hand before I started and joined a few super helpful FB groups, so I had tons of support and encouragement.

I found day 1 and 2 to be a little difficult as I was getting used to a vegan diet.  I had a mild headache and my body was telling me I wanted protein.  By the third day, that was gone and my energy was pretty good.  My energy levels were consistently high during the cleanse.  The only thing that didn’t agree with me was the Aminos, which I should have expected because every time I’ve tried Amino Acid supplements in the past, they have bothered my stomach.  It’s likely something to do with my illness because I haven’t heard about that happening to anyone else.

Post-cleanse, I have to say my energy levels are much higher than before.  I am able to get a lot more done in a day and my digestion is so much better.  I have continued with the Power Shake (but switched to the plain version so I can make all different flavor combos) along with the Apothecherry at night.  I also use the Kid’s MVP protein in my morning smoothie.

If you want to lose weight, cleanse, re-set your metabolism, detox, break addictions to processed foods, boost energy, improve digestion, sleep soundly, and think more clearly, contact me and I will give you a $50 off gift code to try the 10-Day Transformation yourself!


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