Microsoft launches ‘Microsoft Mobile Hub’ for PC gaming

Microsoft has launched a new gaming platform called Microsoft Mobile Hub for PC gamers, which it hopes will help bring more PC gamers into the world of PC gaming.

The platform was first revealed at the Microsoft Build event in February, and Microsoft has since launched it as part of the Microsoft Azure Platform and Windows Azure cloud services.

The Microsoft Mobile SDK for PC, a new developer API, will allow developers to use the Microsoft mobile gaming platform to create games for PCs, consoles and smartphones, and to offer additional features like in-app purchases, as well as add-on support for games that are on the PC.

The Microsoft Mobile Developer SDK will be available to developers through the Microsoft Developer Platform in the first half of 2019.

According to the company, the Microsoft Mobile hub will be an open platform that is accessible to any developer that wants to create and ship their game.

Microsoft Mobile will enable developers to create apps that work on PCs and consoles that are not compatible with Microsoft mobile games, such as games that don’t support Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PS4.

Microsoft said that it is also partnering with major PC gaming publisher Valve to develop a game engine called Steam that will help developers develop game experiences on PC, console, and mobile platforms.

The company said that developers will be able to build their games using the Microsoft SDK for Windows Azure.

Microsoft is also developing its own cloud gaming service called Xbox Live, which is meant to bring together Xbox, Microsoft, and Valve.

Microsoft has previously said that the Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad is available in all versions of Windows.