Is the Office of Personnel Management facing an “internal crisis?”

An investigation by the Washington Post revealed that a growing number of federal agencies have been experiencing problems with computers and other electronic devices, according to internal documents obtained by The Post. 

In response to an inquiry from The Post, the Office for Federal Procurement Services (OFPS) said it has received “several complaints” about problems with electronic equipment at the federal agency.

The agency said it is working to resolve the issues.

But OFPS did not immediately provide further details about the complaints or any evidence that they had led to problems.

OFPL also did not respond to a request for comment. 

The agency is the primary provider of electronic services to federal agencies and its website lists a variety of problems with various electronic devices.

One complaint cited an outage of the computer server that maintains the federal government’s email and social media accounts.

Another said the agency had trouble getting certain information to its computer systems, which is a critical component of the federal bureaucracy.

The OFP was created in 2013 by President Donald Trump and the Office on Government Information.

The watchdog has also become a target of criticism from Democrats who say the watchdog has little oversight and is unaccountable.

In response, Trump appointed a special inspector general to investigate the watchdog.