Apple laptop computer costs $1,900 in China, says researcher

By MIKE BERREIRO, Associated Press Apple has raised the price of its newest laptop computer from $1.9 million to $1 million, making it one of the most expensive in the world.

The new Mac Pro model, which Apple unveiled in January, has an 8-core Intel Core i5 processor with 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, making the machine more expensive than most laptops, but it comes with a $1 and $2,000 value added tax rebate.

The price of the Mac Pro in China is $2.29 million, according to a report by the China Mobile Association, which represents Apple and other Chinese mobile phone makers.

The study did not give the exact price, but the Mac Pros cost $1 per month and $1 a month, respectively, in China.

The Mac Pro costs about $1 more than the previous version of the MacBook Pro, which was introduced in 2014, according the report.

Apple’s price of $1 in China will not be affected by the tax rebate, which it has announced is expected to go to consumers starting July 15.

Apple said the MacPro is “designed for business customers who want to spend more on their mobile devices,” according to the report, which did not name the company.

The company is also planning to expand its mobile phone business in China with its new iPhone, according its statement.

Apple’s announcement about the new MacPro comes just days after Chinese authorities announced a crackdown on illegal online gambling and the seizure of over $1 billion in assets.

The crackdown has come at a time when China is grappling with a huge economy that is slowly recovering from years of recession and falling living standards.

The Chinese government has announced a major increase in capital controls as it tries to prop up the economy, and a crackdown in July on online gambling sites led to the closure of more than a million gambling sites in a country of roughly 40 million people.

On Monday, Apple announced a new version of its iPad Air smartphone, which comes with built-in cellular connectivity.

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