What you need to know about the tech jobs for 2018

Computer science internship program in India has been increasing, according to the Ministry of Information Technology.

The program, run by the Indian Institutes of Technology, has seen the number of students in the program increase by nearly 40 per cent from the previous year, according the ministry.

This was a significant increase over the previous academic year.

Students enrolled in the computer science internship program have been trained in the fundamentals of software development, which include programming, data analysis and programming in machine learning, according a release from the ministry on Saturday.

The students work with companies and government agencies to solve real world problems, and have the opportunity to work with experts in areas such as data mining, network analysis and cybersecurity.

The computer science program is open to all students with the exception of those who have demonstrated proficiency in the basics of computer science or the programming required for a computer science degree.

The internship is offered in a short-term arrangement to ensure that students are not over-qualified and therefore have limited opportunities to progress.

In 2018, there were 1,000 graduates from the computer programming program and the ministry said that by 2022, the number was expected to reach 3,000.

This would be a major milestone for India’s IT industry, with the country boasting an estimated 20 million computer science graduates.

The Indian Institute of Technology has been preparing for this change in the industry, said Anupam Khatri, director general of the institute.