When you think of Christmas, do you think a Christmas tree or a tree topper?

When you’re at the mall, you might have a few options for decorations, but Christmas decorations typically come in the form of trees.

But at home, Christmas trees are an essential part of every Christmas home.

They help us remember the season, and they make us feel like we’re part of something special.

So, we thought, why not make one of our own?

This is a very simple process.

We use a small, inexpensive plastic Christmas tree that you can cut to your specifications.

It’s so simple, we wanted to show you how easy it is.

Here are the steps: 1.

Take a look at the pictures below.

We chose to use a 2-foot-tall, 3-foot wide tree for this tutorial.

The idea is that you’re going to get the best out of this tree.


Pick out the right size tree.

It doesn’t matter what size, it’s all about making sure it’s a perfect fit for your decor.


Put the tree in your freezer for about a week.

You’ll need to get rid of the dead branches and any fallen branches that might fall into your home.

If you’re using the freezer, be sure to make sure that the tree is in good condition and that it’s in the right spot for the Christmas lights to shine through.


After about a month, we’ll have the tree ready for you to hang on Christmas Eve.


Once you’ve hung the tree, you can place the decorations in your home for a special holiday.

This is really the first time you’re getting to do this.

It takes some getting used to, but once you do, it will become a part of your home every single year.

The process of cutting the tree can be a little tricky, so here’s what you’ll need: 1.

A 2- or 3-inch square piece of 1/2-inch-thick plastic that’s 3 inches by 1/4-inch.

We used 1/3-inch PVC.

You can also use a piece of styrene plastic if you prefer.


A large piece of lumber that’s 1-foot long.

We didn’t need much, but we wanted something that we could hang on the wall or ceiling.

If it doesn’t work, cut it into whatever size you need.


A small flat screwdriver.

We bought a 3-mm tool for $2 at Home Depot.

You could also buy a 4-mm screwdriver for less.


The easiest way to install the tree on your wall is to drill a small hole and place it at the base of your Christmas tree.

You might want to use the plastic that you just cut to give it a little extra clearance.


Next, use a flathead screwdriver or small file to attach the tree to your wall.

The wood will take some time to dry, so be sure you’re ready to hang it. 8.

Finally, make sure you have the right kind of lighting.

You want to make the Christmas tree so that it will shine through the windows and make your living room look like it was built in 1939.

We made a Christmas light that lights up your living space and makes it look like you’re in a fairy tale world.


Once your Christmas decorations are ready, hang the tree.

The lighting will make your room stand out even more.


You’ve got yourself a beautiful, new Christmas tree!