Why we love Apple computers

The Apple brand is iconic.

Its computers are synonymous with innovation, and the brand has become synonymous with the personal computer.

But what about the computers that it sells?

The company’s computer hardware is often seen as a bargain, especially when compared with rivals such as Lenovo, Acer and Asus.

It’s also a problem for the consumer, as it can be difficult to compare the cost of the hardware and the price of the device.

But for many Australians, that’s no problem at all.

We spend more time on computers than any other form of media, according to the report released by research firm Ipsos.

And while the consumer has long been expected to use the computers in the home, a significant proportion of the population also uses them at work.

While Apple has sold over 80 million computers, the company’s hardware has seen little price competition.

The best-selling Mac computer is a 12.6-inch MacBook Pro, while the cheapest Apple laptop is a 14-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro.

The report found that in Australia, the average price of a Mac was $2,400, whereas the cheapest Mac computer was $1,900.

The Mac was the most expensive category in the list, with the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 being the second-most expensive at $2.50.

The MacBook Pro is also a popular PC, with sales increasing over the past year, according, Ipsos data.

The company is also well known for its premium brand, so its reputation for quality is an important factor in choosing a computer.

“The company has made a habit of making sure it’s available for purchase with great value,” said Ipsos’ Senior Research Manager, Matt Smith.

“We don’t have to do a huge amount of research before we buy a computer.”

The report also found that Apple computers are also the most popular consumer electronics brands.

The Dell Inspix 15 7000 was the second most popular Mac computer, followed by the MacBook Pro and the Lenovo ThinkPad T460.

The Dell ThinkPad X240 was third, followed in fifth by the Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 and the Toshiba Satellite A400.

Apple has also been successful in its relationship with manufacturers, with Dell, Lenovo, and Asus having a combined market share of about 15% in Australia.

But while Apple’s market share has grown, it has not been the most-popular brand, according the report.

While the average Mac computer cost $2