The Republican Party is now dead in the water

A lot of people in the Republican Party are saying that the GOP’s last hope for a viable presidential nominee is a Donald Trump.

Trump won the nomination without winning a single state in November.

In November, the GOP had seven delegates, according to The Associated Press.

Now, the party has only three delegates.

The AP’s tally of Republican delegates on the November ballot has the party with three delegates and a candidate in a tie.

The Republican National Committee announced Thursday that it will be sending a letter to all Republican voters urging them to consider a write-in candidate.

The letter from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and chair of the RNC’s governing body, Reince W. Shaheen, notes that the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland will be a record-setting gathering for the party.

“This year, there are no delegates left for the RNC to award to any candidate,” Priebus wrote in the letter.

“The only way for us to honor the hard work of our Republican Party faithful is to nominate a new nominee for president.

This is a decision that is best left to the voters.”

Trump was a leading contender for the Republican nomination, but he dropped out after months of campaigning and polling showed he was losing to Cruz.

He dropped out of the race after winning only five states in November and in Iowa, where he was trailing by six points.

After the convention, Trump said that he had been robbed.

But Priebus said that if he were the Republican nominee, Trump would be “in a better position” to secure the party’s nomination.

Priebus said he hopes Trump will continue to run as a write in candidate.

“It is my hope that he will be in a better place to represent the values and principles that the American people believe in,” Priebus said.