Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs: ‘We have a really smart team’

Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Tuesday that the company has “a really smart and intelligent team.”

Speaking with Bloomberg Businessweek, the Apple co-founder and chief executive said the company is a big part of Apple’s culture, but he added that the technology giant is also working on a “smart machine” that will help Apple expand its products and services to people around the world.

“We have the capability to build products that can do things we can’t do with a mouse and keyboard,” Jobs said.

“I’m a big fan of the keyboard.

We have a big machine, a big device that we can take to places that people can’t go.

We’re going to build a product that’s going to do those things.

We want to be able to take that to the next level.”

Jobs also spoke about the Apple Watch, the company’s latest wearable device.

He said that the Watch has a very important role in Apple’s strategy.

“The goal is to build things that are going to be used in the future, not just to watch,” Jobs told Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

“You know, we’re not going to have a smartwatch in two years.

We think we’re going a little bit ahead in the smartwatch category.

We’ve built a number of them and they’re really exciting and really useful.”