Computer animation: The Irish tech industry needs you

In a time of growing inequality, there are some people who are feeling the pinch, with technology as the biggest beneficiary.

With Irish technology companies struggling to retain the talent they need, the National Institute of Technology is looking to create a new initiative to help attract and retain skilled talent.

The Innovation and Science Innovation Hub will see a dedicated group of experts from across the Irish technology industry and the technology industry in Ireland.

It will provide mentoring, training, mentorship and networking to help tech companies and technology talent gain entry into the industry, and to help recruit the next generation of talent.

“The Innovation Hub is going to be a really big and exciting opportunity for us to get the talent into the technology space, to be part of the solution, to help us in some of the areas that are really hard for the talent to find,” said Pat Byrne, NITI Aotearoa’s director of strategic partnerships.

“And in a really fast paced and competitive environment that’s where you need that talent.”

A number of companies are already looking to set up their own centres, including a company based in Dublin called Sliceworks, and a Dublin based company called Tectus.

The Innovation Hub has also attracted interest from a number of other tech companies, including LinkedIn and the US tech company Google.

The NITAA is also keen to foster a relationship with the Irish tech sector.

“We’ve been working with the local Irish technology firms for a long time, and we are excited about this partnership and this opportunity,” said Mr Byrne.

“They’re looking to take advantage of the opportunity that we’ve provided, so we’re excited to be able to bring that into the future.”

The NIP says the centre will help to address some of Ireland’s biggest challenges, and will also have a focus on creating a more equitable society, with the aim of creating more jobs and greater economic prosperity.

The hub will have a staff of 10, including technical staff and technical experts, and the NITAs director of technology services will be from the technology sector, with a focus in Ireland, and an office in Dublin.

The project is expected to start by the end of next year.