How to protect your personal data from being sold on eBay and other auction sites

What happens if you buy something on eBay?

Are you getting a full refund, a full credit and the right to keep it?

The question is an important one for the thousands of people who regularly use eBay for their online purchases.

eBay said it would take legal action if the seller doesn’t return your purchase within 14 days.

Here are some tips for avoiding the most common online scams.1.

Pay upfront and make sure your payment includes the right amount of money.

The buyer must pay for everything upfront, including shipping, shipping fees, taxes and fees.

If you can’t find that right amount in your payment, you may need to take a smaller or larger amount.2.

Use an accurate shipping address and contact information.

If the seller says your address is wrong, ask to see the actual address.

If that address is correct, they may offer to send your package to the correct address.3.

Keep a record of the item you purchased.

The seller will be able to check your credit report, check your PayPal account and even get a credit check.4.

Make sure the seller has a valid credit card.

If they don’t, they might charge you for the item, or charge you an additional fee if they’re not able to pay.5.

Check the shipping address of the seller.

If your credit card doesn’t work or you forget your card number, the seller could be using your address as a shipping address.6.

Be wary of sellers who advertise a free, no-questions-asked shipping service.

It’s not a free service.

In fact, if you go through a seller who offers it, you might be charged a fee, and you’ll have to pay for it, too.7.

Ask for proof of purchase.

If there’s no shipping or payment info on the item page, check the seller’s profile to see if he or she offers a free shipping service or a no-expectation shipping service, or both.8.

Avoid sites like eBay that allow buyers to pay with credit cards.

Most eBay sellers will charge you a small fee for using a credit card or PayPal account to make a payment, but the seller might charge a small amount for the transaction, too, and ask for a separate credit card verification.9.

Check your shipping address for items that can’t be returned.

Some sellers might ask you to leave your address with them so they can ship it to the wrong address.10.

Check eBay’s policies before buying from them.

Most sellers have a few guidelines for how long a seller has to hold your item for return or refund.

If a seller refuses to refund your item, you should ask to return it.

If this happens, eBay can help you get your item back, too if the item is returned to a seller whose address matches your address.